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PEAK 2 Inch Shock & Suspension Combo for SsangYong Musso

PEAK 2 Inch Shock & Suspension Combo for SsangYong Musso

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Unbelievable Value! Elevate your Musso's ride and handling to a whole new level with this extraordinary package, featuring the following components:

  • PEAK TT35A Nitro Adjustable Shocks for the Front and Rear
  • Bigfoot 2-Inch Springs for the Front and and you can select from 2.0-inch, 2.5-inch, or 3.0-inch options for the rear, depending on your specific loading needs.
  • Gearbugs Adjustable Panhard Rod

Experience the Shocks

In collaboration with one of the leading offroad shock absorber manufacturers, we proudly present the PEAK TT35A Nitro 4 Step Adjustable Shock Absorbers designed specifically for Musso & Rexton vehicles!

These shock absorbers are the epitome of value and quality for your Musso & Rexton vehicles. It's time to give your Musso & Rexton the ride it truly deserves.

The PEAK TT35A 35mm adjustable twin tube shocks are equipped with Teflon-coated pistons and a robust 18mm chrome piston rod, ensuring the utmost in durability and reliability.

Positioned thoughtfully at the base is a 4 stage damping control knob that empowers you to fine-tune your ride to meet your exact specifications. These shocks offer four distinct damping settings (1 being softest and 4 being hardest), granting you a versatile range of options to conquer various road conditions and accommodate differing weight loads.

All of this comes together to deliver an exceptional handling experience tailored precisely to your journey. This level of personalization offers you complete freedom to dictate precisely how you want your ride quality and handling control to feel – all achieved with a simple turn of the knob!

But that's not all. Our front PEAK shocks offer a remarkable feature: the ability to add seat spacers, effortlessly raising the ride height by 16mm, 32mm, or 48mm increments, all without the need to replace your springs. This versatility empowers you to fine-tune your vehicle's stance to perfectly match your specific needs.

Discover the Springs

Designed and meticulously crafted in Korea, the Big Foot heavy-duty suspension springs are engineered to be up to 1.7 to 8 times more robust than the original springs – a truly heavy-duty specification. Unlike standard off-road springs, these springs provide unwavering support without sagging or deformation, even under heavy loads. This is a level of strength and resilience that only Bigfoot can deliver. But it's not just about being strong; these springs also offer 1.4 times the stiffness of mild specifications, ensuring exceptional performance under all conditions.

Experience Precision with the Adjustable Panhard Rod

The rear track-bar plays a crucial role in controlling lateral movement of the axle housing. When you adjust your ride height, the fixed length of the OEM track-bar may no longer suffice, leading to unnecessary stress on your suspension and alignment issues. GearBugs' adjustable track-bar solves this problem, allowing your suspension components to function with precision and ensuring correct alignment settings with ease.

  • Enjoy enhanced energy transfer and feedback
  • Crafted from high-strength steel for durability
  • Galvanized and powder-coated for extreme resilience
  • Designed to perfectly match OEM specifications


Disclaimer: Effects of Raised Suspension on Vehicle Components

Please be aware that installing raised springs or making modifications to your vehicle's suspension can impact various aspects, including suspension components, steering, handling, and ride comfort. These changes may potentially void manufacturer warranties, and it's essential to consult professionals and conduct thorough research before making decisions regarding suspension modifications. Peak is not responsible for any resulting damage and encourages informed decision-making.


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