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Easy Up & Slow Down Tailgate Hinges for SsangYong Musso

Easy Up & Slow Down Tailgate Hinges for SsangYong Musso

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Are you sick of your tailgate slamming down under its own weight? Want to be able to easily lift the tailgate after you've finished loading into it? Worried about the kids accessing it & getting their fingers caught? Do you just cringe every time you hear it slam on your expensive vehicle?

This is where these replacement load assist hinges comes into play. With its help, your Musso's tailgate will lower in a slow manner thanks to the spring tensioned mechanism, and you don’t have to worry about if the falling tailgate will injure  yourself and kids or damage your vehicle. And you can close it with a single hand, making raising or lowing tailgate virtually effortless.

Replaces the standard tailgate hinges.


Install Instructions:

NOTE: There are two bent wire pins, one in each hinge. Don't take them out yet!

You will need two sockets 14mm and 12mm, and a suitable ratchet handle. There are bolts into the tailgate (12mm) and into the pillar (14mm).

Crack all the bolts, then, starting with the 12mm tailgate ones, remove them. Change to the 14mm socket. At this point the tailgate will want to swing free. If you have an offsider, get them to support the tailgate. If you're own your own, support the tailgate with your knee, while using your hands to undo the pillar bolts. 

Using your other hand, put the bottom part of the new hinges to the tailgate, lining up the two 12mm bolts with your other hand. Do them up finger-tight with your spare fingers. Then lift the tailgate slightly, until the 14mm bolts line up with the holes in the pillar. Nip all the bolts up.

Now, you can remove the bent wire pin. Rinse and repeat on the other side.

Check that the tailgate opens and closes correctly. The latch will be a bit tighter than before, but by pushing in on the tailgate, it's easy. Now you can tighten the bolts right up.

If you need some adjustment, the holes in the tailgate part of the hinges are slotted.

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