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Diesel Tuning Box Kit for Ssangyong Musso & Rexton

Diesel Tuning Box Kit for Ssangyong Musso & Rexton

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CRTD4® TWIN Channel Tuning Box by TDI Tuning for Musso & Rexton is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology and represents a revolution in vehicle performance remapping. Based on micro-processor architecture, the CRTD4® TWIN Channel Tuning Box remaps vehicle performance moment to moment by interfacing with the engine via the custom sensor data connection harness. 



TDI-Tuning boxes increase power and fuel efficiency simultaneously using a model variant specific map.


The CRTD4 comes with a 5 year product warranty as standard. The warranty covers the full workings of the CRTD4.


Tuning boxes remove without leaving any trace behind, returning the vehicle to its factory standard condition.


Tuning boxes can be used on future vehicles via a low cost reprogrammed service with a 7 working day turnaround.


Tuning boxes integrate with your engine via the fuel and turbo sensors, ensuring your ECU is always in control and no damage can come to your engine.


The software contained within the tuning boxes utilize is completely custom to the specific engine variant. Nothing generic.


Easily installed in under 30 minutes requiring no specialist tools or mechanical ability and absolutely no physical modifications to the engine.


Now with Bluetooth capabilities the CRTD4 tuning box brings the benefits of tuning to your fingertips.

Now you can control the performance of your engine from the comfort of your driver’s seat with the TDI Tuning App. Connect to your tuning box and enjoy total control, transforming your driving experience.

Cold start timer - Select between 7 programs specifically engineered for your vehicle at any time.

Free map updates - Benefit from future tuning file updates for your vehicle direct from our server. This function is provided free of charge in order to ensure you always have the latest tuning file for your vehicle.

Switch On/Off and eliminate all illumination on the tuning box with discreet mode.




E-XDI 2.2L 400Nm

Power Increase:

  • BEFORE: 178 PS
  • AFTER: 235 PS

Torque Increase:

  • BEFORE: 400 NM
  • AFTER: 488 NM

Fuel Efficiency increase:

  • Up to 20%


E-XDI 2.2L 420Nm

Power Increase:

  • BEFORE: 181 PS
  • AFTER: 239 PS

Torque Increase:

  • BEFORE: 420 NM
  • AFTER: 500 NM

Fuel Efficiency increase:

  • Up to 20%


E-XDI 2.2L 441Nm

Power Increase:

  • BEFORE: 205 PS
  • AFTER: 258 PS

Torque Increase:

  • BEFORE: 441 NM
  • AFTER: 525 NM

Fuel Efficiency increase:

  • Up to 20%



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