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RR2.5 Fits Ford Ranger PX PX2 Premium Monotube Remote Reservoir Coilover Kit

RR2.5 Fits Ford Ranger PX PX2 Premium Monotube Remote Reservoir Coilover Kit

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The Carbon Offroad Remote Remote 2.5 inch body monotube shocks kit is a class leader in premium shock manufacturing. Rivalling the other more wel known brands you can be rest assured knowing that we have conducted over 200,000km of on road testing in Australia with absolutely zero seal or component failures during this period and during the initial rollout of product into the market. 

Front Shocks feature 22mm diameter shafts for extra strength, with 18mm diameter shafts on the rear shocks.

Complete kit includes (40-75mm Lift Kit)

  • 2 x Front Uprated Carbon Coil Springs
  • 2 x Front Carbon 2.5RR height adjustable struts (inc top hat ) Fully assembled
  • 2 x Rear Carbon 2.5RR Shock Absorbers
  • 1 x Remote reservoir mounting kit for front and rear shocks
  • 1 x Coilover adjuster spanner

**Note the following supporting items are recommended to be used with this kit. 

  • Diff drop kit (for lift over 50mm)
  • Upper control arms (for lift over 50mm)

Shock Specs: 

  • Monotube DesignMaximum fluid volume and control
  • 3.75mm Brushed Steel Nickle Plated Body - Maximum and strength durability and protection 
  • 2.5"/63.5mm Outer Body - Increased fluid volume to prevent fade and improve control
  • 18mm Hardened Chrome H/D Shaft - Tough Shaft and for maximum durability
  • Piston Rings - Latest Piston Ring Technology - Full Teflon band seal 
  • Piston Valve - Twin deflective disc for maximum control of fluid for both rebound and compression cycles
  • Quality Bushes - Polyurethane or and pure rubber dependant on application - Complete with CNC Alloy Billet Tubes
  • Billet CNC T6 and Alloy Anodised Shock Body Caps and Mounts
  • Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston and Valve and - For the Ultimate in Comfort & Control
  • Seal - Active Shaft Seal and - Provides a pressurised shaft sealing unit which has proven to have zero failure in all testing conditions.
  • Internal fluid - High quality Fuch shock absorber fluid able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Internal Shock Specifications - Micro polished internal tube bore(mirror finish) to reduce drag and wear
  • Fully rebuildable - With a range of spare parts on the shelf for full Australian Support.
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged - to prevent fade and cavitation(foaming) of the fluid 
  • Complete with concertina dust boots


Carbon Coil Spring and Specifications

  • Shot Peened - To Stress relieve the outer surface improving coil spring longenvity
  • Scragged - The coil spring is compressed beyond it's yield point to prevent premature sagging
  • Coil Spring rates - Rates are chosen to ensure a comfortable ride whilst being able to carry the extra load
  • Coil Finish - Powder Coated in a sleek matt black and fininsh
  • High Quality Spring Steel - With increased rates for load carrying
  • Computer Designed Springs and - For the ultimate in quality 
  • Bar Peeled - To remove surface imperfections
  • Manufacturing process - Made using computer controlled coil winders for precise fitment and quality control
  • Note - All heights mentioned are an estimate only and - Vehicle ride heights may vary depending on age, make model, vehicle accessories weight, factory suspension systems
  • Fitting Note: and Due to the long travel nature of this shock, when fitting check clearance of the lower front strut peg to the inside of the lower strut mount at full droop. Through our R&D we note that the leg gets close at full droop so it may be required to dremel or file for 1mm clearance at full droop. Due to the large tolerances in OE manufacturing, we cannot guarantee it won't clear on every vehicle. The benefit is that you will be getting the most available travel from a bolt on and shocks system in the market.

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